What To Do in Peoria AZ: 3 Outings for Seniors

What To Do in Peoria AZ: 3 Outings for Seniors

If you are a senior and looking for something to do in Peoria, AZ, there’s so much you can do! At Mission at Agua Fria Senior Living, we know a thing or two about all that Peoria has to offer for seniors. It’s one of the many reasons why we are located here. It’s such a great place for seniors to live!

It’s also warm here all year long, which is a perk lots of seniors try and take advantage of.  Here’s a closer look at what to do in Peoria, AZ:

There Are a Lot of Parks

A big perk of having warm weather year-round is that you can go outside, no matter what month it is. While you are outside, you probably want to take advantage of different vistas and lots of nature.

Peoria is perfect for nature lovers, with an abundance of parks here with so much natural beauty for seniors living in Peoria to take advantage of. There are over 30 parks and 20 miles of trails found just in Peoria, meaning there are great opportunities to get outdoors for seniors of all abilities! These parks and trails include mixed-use trails, community parks, and even mountain preserves. If you have a dog, there are plenty of dog parks to visit as well.

There Are a Lot of Art and Culture

Peoria is home to two community theaters and an art museum for seniors to take advantage of. The community theaters frequently have performances happening, and the West Valley Art Museum offers various exhibitions throughout the year.

The town of Peoria itself hosts a lot of fun special events and festivals throughout the year as well. For instance, every 4th of July, the town hosts an All-American Festival and every Halloween they host a Halloween Monster Bash. There’s always something happening that seniors can take advantage of!

There Are a Lot of Dining Options

Your palate won’t get bored if you’re living in Peoria! There are many different cuisines found in Peoria, from American to Asian to Mexican. There are many different restaurants for you to go and try out, it will be a while before you run out of options!

Peoria Artisan Brewery, Haymaker Restaurant Co, Fabion on Fire, and Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers are just some of the favorites that are unique to the area. There’s even a family-owned and operated tasting room in Peoria called Winery 101. Their vineyard isn’t in the city limits but quite close to here, in Cottonwood.

There’s no more looking for what to do in Peoria, AZ as you now know there’s plenty to do! If you are looking for an assisted living community to move into, we highly encourage you to look at Peoria, AZ for all the reasons mentioned above and more. At the Mission at Agua Fria, we offer scheduled transportation to local services, to make sure our residents can take advantage of the local area.