Dad Needs Assisted Living – Now What?

Dad Needs Assisted Living – Now What?

We all know that moving can be stressful. Whatever your age, trying to find the perfect location, pack up your belongings, and adjust to a new setting can take some time, patience, and support.

If it’s time for Dad to move into an assisted living home, you may be wondering where to start. Mission at Agua Fria Senior Living will be by your side to help. Mission at Agua Fria is an assisted living community in beautiful Peoria, AZ and we have some ways to transition your Dad to assisted living:

Talk to Dad

None of us like to be forced into making a decision we don’t want to make. The best way to prepare Dad to transition to senior care is to sit him down and talk with him about it in person. Ask him how he would feel about moving to an assisted living community. Try your best to address his concerns. For instance, does Dad have a beloved pet companion that he can’t live without? Assure him that you’ll explore pet-friendly living options.

Understand that he may have some reservations, especially in the beginning. Allow him to share his thoughts with you and listen to how a potential move makes him feel. Assure Dad that he’ll be involved in the decision-making process and that you’ll be there to support him every step of the way.

Once you’ve heard Dad out, explain your reasoning for wanting him to transition to assisted living. For example, are daily habits like cooking and cleaning becoming cumbersome for him? Let him know the benefits of having someone else take care of everyday duties while he simply sits back, relaxes, and enjoys his retirement.

Give Dad time to mull over a move to an assisted living home. Have patience as he thinks it over and have a follow-up conversation with him if he’s initially resistant to the idea.

Remember that as long as Dad’s mind is still sharp, it should ultimately be his decision to move into assisted living. Stay calm, listen, and try to have a productive conversation with him. Rather than become argumentative, be patient and show him how assisted living can improve his quality of living. Let him know that it could be just what he needs to enjoy his golden years in style.

Find the Right Community

As Dad thinks it over, do some research and explore the assisted living communities in Peoria, Arizona. Try to find the one that will be the best fit for Dad. For instance, he’ll likely still want to be close to his family and friends. Try to find a home in a convenient location close to Dad’s loved ones.

Compare each assisted living community’s features and amenities. For instance, does Dad enjoy golfing? See if the community is located near a golf course. Does Dad like to socialize? Ask about enrichment opportunities offered. If Dad has a pet companion, ensure that the community will allow him to bring his pet along.

Once you’ve researched assisted living communities that could be the right fit, make a list of your top three. Then arrange a time to visit them with Dad. Allow him to ask questions and share his thoughts. Reassure him that ultimately the decision of where to live belongs to him and him alone.

Inquire About Financing

Once Dad is on board with transitioning to assisted living, ask about the options available to finance his stay. If Dad is a veteran, you may want to contact your local office of Veterans Affairs (VA) to see if he qualifies for VA health care assistance. If Dad receives VA health care services, he may also qualify for long term care benefits.

If Dad is not a veteran, he has other options available. For example, the Arizona Long Term Care System (ALTCS) provides health insurance for Arizona residents 65 years of age or older, or individuals who have a disability, and require nursing home level of care. ALTCS members can receive eligible services in their own homes, an assisted living home, or other community-based settings.

After exploring Dad’s options, the best thing to do is schedule a time to meet with the administrative team at any assisted living community that Dad feels might be a good fit for him. They can discuss what type of health insurance they accept and what financing option may work the best for Dad. They can also answer other financial questions you may have, including the cost differential if Dad requires another level of care sometime in the future.

Help Dad Move

Change can be an adjustment for any of us. Sometimes we’re creatures of habit. So when it comes time to make the move, help Dad settle in and get comfortable in his new surroundings. Decorate his new apartment with photos, prized possessions, and sentimental items he treasures. If possible, arrange furniture similar to how Dad had it at home so the new space feels inviting and familiar. Doing so will help him feel more at ease in his new environment.

Once Dad is moved in, help him get acquainted with the staff and his new neighbors. Share a meal with him in the community dining area and get him involved in activities he may enjoy so he can meet others with shared interests. Keep in mind that it could take Dad awhile to get adjusted to his new living situation. So check in on him often to see how he’s doing and provide emotional support as needed.

Just as you’ll be there to provide emotional support for Dad, we’ll be there to provide all the support you need. If you have questions, you can reach out to the care team at Mission at Agua Fria. We’re happy to provide more tips to make Dad’s transition to assisted living in Peoria the smoothest experience possible.