Choose Senior Living in Peoria AZ Where You Can Age in Place

Choose Senior Living in Peoria AZ Where You Can Age in Place

When deciding to move into a senior living community, you’re starting an exciting new chapter of your life. It’s an incredibly important decision, but luckily, in Peoria, AZ, you have options. You can have access to the activities you love and the support you need without worrying about things like yard care and housekeeping. Take the time to choose a community that feels like home and has all the amenities you want. Opt for a community that offers various types of care so you can age in place even if your needs change.

Moving into a senior living community might be just the first step in your assisted living journey. You may come to need a different level of care as you progress through the years, so it’s a smart idea to choose a senior living that has multiple levels of care.

At the Mission at Agua Fria, we offer both assisted living and memory care to make a potential care transition even easier for residents. Here are some benefits of choosing senior living in Peoria, AZ, with multiple levels of care so you can age in place:

You’ll Never Have To Move

Moving is a complicated process and becomes harder as we get older. If you are looking to start the next chapter in your life, you likely want this to be the last time you move.

By choosing senior living that already has multiple levels of care, you’re making a smart choice for aging in place. With a community boasting different levels of support, you most likely won’t have to move to take advantage of any increased assistance you may need.

You Already Know the Community

Sometimes, the effects of aging can creep up on us and catch us unaware. Aging can take a physical or mental toll, causing some frustration and maybe some anxiety. When dealing with the changes in your energy levels, health, and more, you may want to limit change in your surroundings to make things a little more bearable.

Trying to get to know a new community or getting familiarized with new amenities can be difficult when also dealing with internal changes. Already knowing your senior living community helps when having to move into a more involved level of care so you can focus on the new changes in your health and body, rather than changes in your environment.

You Already Know the Staff & Residents

When you live in a senior living community, you build relationships with the care staff, program staff, and other residents. Choosing senior living that has multiple levels of care means that, if you do need a different level of care, you don’t have to leave all the people you’ve already built relationships with.

You may have to move to a different apartment, especially if you need memory care, but you aren’t moving so far away from residents you’ve become friends with, and you’ll still be able to visit with them. Some of your care staff will still be the same as well.

It’s a lot easier on your emotions, your mind, and your body to age somewhere that has multiple levels of care. If you are looking for a senior living in Peoria, AZ, that offers a variety of assistance, please contact the Mission at Agua Fria to arrange a tour.