3 Reasons To Be a Senior Volunteer

3 Reasons To Be a Senior Volunteer

Are you looking for a volunteer opportunity? You may have a misconception that volunteering is just for people younger than you, but that isn’t the case. Senior volunteerism is becoming more and more popular. In your retirement years, you may have a lot of extra time that you used to spend working. Why not use some of this time to give back to your community? Not only will you be making an impact on other people’s lives, but you’ll be also making a big impact on yours as well. Here are three great reasons to become a senior volunteer. 

1. You’ll Have a Greater Sense of Purpose

As people get older, their sense of purpose can sometimes fade. Especially if you have moved from your home where you took care of everyone to a senior living community where you aren’t taking care of anyone but yourself, you may feel a void. By becoming a senior volunteer, you can help fill this void. Volunteering will give you a sense of purpose and can help you feel recharged. It’s also motivating for you and can help you accomplish other goals. You may even learn new skills through volunteering, which can help keep you feeling young.  

2. It’s Good for Your Mental Health

Many older adults face social isolation. By volunteering, you can interact with others regularly and be in a very social environment, which can help prevent loneliness. You can easily meet and make new friends who are both around the same age as you and different ages too. Since you will be volunteering for the same cause, it also means that these new friends you make will share similar interests as you.

Additionally, volunteering will help keep your brain active, which has a positive effect on your mental health. Doing activities that are both productive and meaningful will also help you feel happier and have a more positive perspective. 

3. It Promotes Physical Activity

Staying active in your older years is so important for seniors. It has such a positive effect on you physically and mentally. By becoming a senior volunteer, you get out of your apartment and are regularly moving. There are all sorts of volunteering opportunities that will keep you on your feet, such as helping to clean local parks, serving meals at a shelter, helping with a local school or sports team, and so on. Volunteering is an easy way for you to keep active while not even realizing you’re getting the physical activity that you need.

When it comes to senior volunteerism, it’s important for you to find a cause or activity that you’re passionate about and enjoy. At the Mission at Agua Fria, we encourage our residents to volunteer and be active in the community. We provide scheduled transportation to local services for our residents, which is a great amenity to take advantage of when you become a senior volunteer.